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Light and Shadow

Kenzo Le is an LA based multidisciplinary artist; cinematographer and production designer with a chameleon skillset in visual imagery. His roots are grounded in Asian-American culture, poetry, and world cinema, with a commitment to creating intentional, meaningful work that fosters connection. The signature Kenzo look is dreamlike and impressionistic, like a kinetic painting.


Through his forte in magical realism and production design, Kenzo's cinematography work is amplified by purposeful lighting and color. His first feature film Morenita, a visual poetry experience that digs into the bridges of ancestry and immigrant lives, became a Sundance Documentary Fund Finalist in 2021. He is actively pursuing collaborations like these that are a purposeful influence to spark much needed conversations.

As an immigrant LGBT artist, Kenzo is a living testament in the fight for underrepresented industry voices. From a small-town farm growing up with only a box TV and Disney VHS tapes, Kenzo has built his imagination from dreams and the pursuit of a visual world. He has progressed from pen & paper in storytelling, to his first DSLR camera, to succeeding with a Film & Television B.A. at USC. Today, he continuously rallies for stronger communities of filmmakers that can nurture this next generation of cinema.


In addition to independent work, Kenzo is also a co-founder, lead cinematographer, and creative director at Crimson Edge, a production company powerhouse. He and his team have serviced brands from small to large such as Spinnin' Records, 300 EntertainmentAncestry (Meghan Trainor, Karamo Brown, Lance Bass).


His other works have been featured & distributed in major platforms, including CryptTV, The Academy's A.Frame, LALIFF, Shorts TV, and an upcoming 2022 launch with BRON Studios (Joker, Respect, House of Gucci) for an incubator series spotlighting POC filmmakers.



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